Change your shopping habits!

Change your shopping habits!

Lots of environmentally conscious companies are now giving away free carriers so you can create your own collection – and carry them with you at all times.

There are also very chic ones to buy – they make fab presents by the way – such as Sally Walton’s Carry-a-Bags, a handmade range made from vintage fabrics, with long or short handles.  Standard messages include MY BAG, MUM’S BAG and NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS – thank you.  Special promotional bags are made to order.  Click here for more details.

Mapperton House, home of the Earl and Countess of Sandwich (who are vigorously supporting Turn Lyme Green), is increasingly featuring recycled and sustainably made goods, including shoppers and dry-goods-bags made of old newspapers.  (In India, we’re told that all dry goods must now be packaged in these newspaper bags – no good for undie shopping on a wet day though…)  ‘Green’ bags and more will be on sale at Mapperton Christmas Fair, from 10am to 3pm, on December 16th,.  Click here for more about Mapperton. 

Morsbags say they’re a ‘sociable and fun way to put an end to evil plastic bags’. This non-profit organisation encourages people to make reusable cloth bags out of old curtains, duvets etc to hand out for free to shoppers so that they’ll use them instead of plastic bags. So far over 160 ‘pods’ (groups of baggers!) have made over 4000 morsbags, potentially replacing over 2 million plastic bags! To see how easy it is, click here

The Coop stores in Plymouth and the South West were the first retailer to get behind Modbury, the pioneering town in Devon, which blazed the plastic-bag-free trail in May 2007.  They have produced a great Retailers Guide to Becoming Plastic Carrier Bag Free (which they have kindly given us to pass to all Lyme traders, too).  There’s a useful list of bag suppliers, which we reproduce below.

These bags:

  • Minimise damage to the environment
  • Don’t exploit human rights
  • Aren’t made in sweat shops
  • Are made from sustainable harvests

How to change your shopping habits

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