Local Recycling Information

CLICK HERE for a draft list of the recycling possibilities in Lyme Regis.

  • Please contact us if you have a recycling opportunity or requirement.
  • For instance Lymenet shred confidential documents and offer bags of shredded paper for packing materials or hamster bedding!
  • We have also found someone who collects green milk bottle tops and used postage stamps.
  • You may be collecting something other people are throwing out or throwing something out someone else can use.

Further information:

The car park recycling facilities are often full when you go to use them. Please help to keep them moving by phoning the following numbers if they need to be emptied:

Cans & Bottles (West Dorset helpline): 01305 252217

Water butts can be purchased online through recyclenow.com and subsidised compost bins are also available.

At Ganesha health foods in Axminster you can take empty Ecover bottles for them to re-fill – washing up liquid, washing liquid, toilet cleaner etc.

For comments and further information please telephone:

01297 444570 or email Irene@lymenet.co.uk


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