News – September 2008

  • 26/09/08 What a nail-biting week it has been. Notwithstanding the global economic crisis, TLG were shortlisted for the Pride of Place Award, alongside 14 other fantastic community projects around the county. We are delighten and thrilled to report – YOU WON, Lyme Regis! (Click to see the picture.) You have all helped, old and young, traders, residents and visitors. TLG put in a bid to win funding towards paying an artist to create a piece of art for our town, something that will encapsulate our feelings for Lyme, our need to enjoy and preserve everything that’s good, to develop and realise our aspirations for our local area.  The Chairman of the judges, Roderick Knight said: 

    “The judges were looking for the Dorset parish/town council or local community partnership that takes the most pride in its local environment and heritage. This will be a unique opportunity for Lyme Regis to highlight its distinctiveness and sense of place.”


    Winning the award now gives ‘Turn Lyme Green’ the opportunity to work with an artist in residence on a special project to the value of more than £4,000.  In its submission, the group said that working with an artist would enable them to think in fresh and different ways about what they were trying to achieve. Read the full press release HERE, and read the coverage on the Dorset For You web site HERE.

  • 21/09/08 A meeting to explore the possibilities of Transition Town status for Lyme Regis will be held on Thursday 2nd October. Click HERE for details.
    •   02/09/08 Transition Towns. There are moves afoot to explore the process of becoming involved in the Transition Town movement. You can read a  description of what’s involved by clicking THIS LINK. Would you take a few minutes to have a look, and then feed back to us what you think? You can either email me or use the Have Your Say box provided below. Thanks!
    • 01/09/08 Shocking scenes at the recycling facility at the Co-op in Bridport!
    The response from WDDC is in the Dorset Echo article HERE. We believe WDDC have a responsibility to provide adequate recycling facilities. Local people are clearly demonstrating their willingness to do their part and bring their recycling to the appropriate place. To suggest that the public are at fault shows a significant misunderstanding of the mood of local people and visitors alike. Since we started the TLG campaign we have seen a huge shift in public opinion. The public have clearly embraced this idea and it’s now up to the district council to take a lead, to accept the reality of the situation and provide adequate facilities.
    Our pictures are HERE.
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