Where to get your bags

  • For a printable sheet with details of  Turn Lyme Green recommended suppliers, click HERE. 
  • If you are a business thinking of buying bags, please contact us. We can put you in touch with other traders using the same size and type of bag so you could benefit from better prices.
  • If you would like to use the TLG logo. We can send you the necessary artwork.
  • To contact us please email hannah@hannahlovegrove.co.uk 
  • Our cotton bags are being provided by www.bags2keep.co.uk  – also the official Modbury suppliers, under Fair Trade mark, using unbleached cotton, and printed with water-based ink.
  • The Traders of Modbury’s suggest these wholesalers www.plasticbagfree.com/wholesalers.php
  • Polybags – www.polybags.co.uk -a Biodegradable carrier – 1,000 for £72; 10,000 for £42.22 per 1,000.
  • Global Trading UK – www.gtuk.co.uk  Tel 01772 334963. They supply the Co-operative Group with mater-bi home compostable cornstarch bags. Cost 6-8 p per bag. They can provide bio-degradable, cotton, jute bags,  and are involved in research into alternative bags.
  • Affordable bio-degradable polymer – www.biority.com – supply bags to River Cottage shop in Axminster.
  • www.jutexpo.co.uk -suppliers of biodegradable jute bags. Clients include Dorset County Council, and Hebden Bridge Bag Ladies.
  • www.pickhemp.com – suppliers of organic hemp fabrics.
  • www.greenfibres.co.uk – wholesale fabric.
  • Cornstarch bags: Biobag Limited, tel: 01772 641 348, Biobags
  • www.ecosac.net Tel:01630 639614
  • String bags: Turtle Bags, tel: 01299 827092, Turtlebags
  • Carrier Bag Shop, tel: 0870 777 7673

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