TLG News Winter 2008/09

Saturday 29th November at the Baptist Church Halls, at the top of Broad Street.
For POSTERS click HERE and HERE. lfhwasteTurn Lyme Green has teamed up with Dorset County Council to bring you a Love Food Hate Waste event. It will be held at the Baptist Church Halls at the top of Broad Street. There will be stalls, a cafe and cookery events, demonstrations by local chefs and lots of great ideas to encourage you to look at food shopping and cooking in a different way.  So you CAN shop locally, save money, reduce waste, and feed yourself and your family with healthy nutritional food. Have a look at the ideas on their website by clicking HERE.

    The COOK-BOOK – Makeover your Leftovers.
    We need your recipes and ideas for our local food scrapbook. What do you do in your family to stretch the budget, to cut down on food waste? Everyone has a top tip – tell us yours! We would particularly like some illustrations for the SCRAPBOOK, so you could make your recipe and take a photo or BETTER STILL, draw a picture!
    Print out a form HERE.
    2. The SEED EXCHANGE – A VITAL part of growing and using local food is the seeds you start it all off with. We have a Seed Exchange stall at the event, where you can bring packets of seeds for any vegetables you grow well, and an idea of how you do that, and swap notes and seeds with other local gardeners. Type your ideas into the box below, OR POST to (Ecodeveloper Ltd) No 35, Coombe Street, Lyme Regis.

Everyone is at it! These are crucial, local issues, and we are in good company. Tavistock is urging the community to spend their money in local shops, and have worked out just what that means to people and businesses locally – see what they are up to HERESidmouth are taking up the case with a food fair on Thursday evening this week, showcasing some of the wonderful food you can buy from local producers. For more details click HERE, and to visit the Vision for Sidmouth site, click HERE.

  • 11/11/08 ‘Recycle Now’ have some useful information in their web site – see HERE – and if you’re wondering what the producers of all this packaging, namely the supermarkets, are doing to help, see HERE. There is, however, growing concers that, as the bottom has dropped out of the recycled materials market, councils are finding it increasingly hard to store what they collect and have asked the government if they can use MOD land. As we have only six and a half years before all our landfill sites are full, we must all check the good we buy are packaging free.
  • 04/11/08 We are proud to announce that the ‘Welcome to Lyme Regis’ animation film made by the children of St Michaels, with help from Biggerhouse Productions, is to be shown in a film festival. Following that, it will tour the country at various events with other films and music. See HERE for more details. It was a highly competitive selection process – so VERY well done to you all!
  • Some good news from Friends of the Earth:
    Together we’ve done it!
    A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on our Big Ask campaign. Together we have finally got a strong Climate Change Law.
    Parliament voted on 28 October for the world-beating legislation after a 3 and a half year campaign by Friends of the Earth. The first of its kind in the world, the Law is a huge step in the fight against climate change.
    The Law commits the Government to 80 per cent cuts in the UK’s emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, including emissions from aviation and shipping, and with annual targets along the way to keep us on track.
    This really is an astonishing achievement. And you helped make this happen – thank you!
  • For further information and updates about the Tesco campaign, please click HERE.
  • Please read the information on Transition Towns and let us know what you think. Click on the Have Your Say button and let us have your response.
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