Turn Lyme Green Newsletter – September 2015

Turn Lyme Green Newsletter


Recycling with Otter Rotters
Mark Howarth organised  a very successful and interesting meeting earlier this month with Mandy Jennings of Otter Rotters in Ottery St Mary.  We were again grateful to the Royal Lion for hosting us.  Here is his report:

“A good attendance for our talk on how we could create a locally managed community enterprise where all residents of Lyme could take their green waste and have it processed in to good quality compost. The benefits of localised processing seemed to be boundless for the residents and the environment and any money made could be either reinvested in to better facilities or used as a cash cow for other environmentally friendly projects in and around our community.  Or so we thought! Mandy very kindly explained the many pitfalls she had experienced, most of which had been experienced recently. My initial thoughts were that smaller operations were incurring the extortionate fees that the big private operators incur mainly to keep the smaller operators from encroaching on what seems like a very lucrative industry.

To create our community enterprise we would firstly need to liaise with West Dorset council to see what costs would need to be met as start-up costs and ongoing costs. The costs met by Otter Rotters make a project like this unviable unless it is undertaken on a number of small (less than 60 tonnes) private processing sites around the area. I feel we should investigate the underlying costs and run a viability study prior to looking at the smaller processing proposal.

As with all these discussions it never ceases to amaze me how members of Turn Lyme Green can look at problem solving to offer alternatives with the same outcome. One was to discuss green waste with the Allotment association about siting a green waste disposal facility in or around the allotments. The power of a strong community!
In summary we will put this project on hold until we have the necessary information from the council and allotment association. I would like to thank Mandy Jennings for her insight and all those who attended for your support and feedback”.


Tuesday 13th  –  7.15 for prompt 7.30 start –  Royal Lion (to be confirmed)
All you want to know about owning an Electric Car!

Have you thought about owning an electric car?  Are you worried you wouldn’t reach a re-charging point in time?  SIMON WEST will be leading the evening describing his love of his Nissan Leaf and why he and Tracy think it’s one of the best decisions they have ever made.


For your diary
November 10th           Demystifying Light Bulbs           David Tomkinson
December                     no meeting


Competition for 7-24 years old
Turn Lyme Green supporters might like to pass this information on to encourage groups of young people to take part.
CLS in Dorset has just launched a competition to find youth-led projects (7-24yrs old) in Dorset that can encourage adults towards environmentally-friendly behaviour. Think recycling clothes, transport, energy use, food habits.  Launching in September 2015 and running until March 2016, the Big Ideas Challenge asks teams of Dorset young people (aged 7 – 24) to come up with a plan to help reduce carbon emissions in their communities.

What’s involved?
Plan a project that will make your community more environmentally friendly. You can chose to work on clothes, energy, water, waste, food, or travel and we will support you with excellent resources. Up to £250 will be awarded to selected groups to develop their ideas into reality, and support is available as well!

Register your interest by 30th September 2015 to Emily@da21.org.uk
Visit CLS Dorset Big Ideas  for more information.


September newsletter
Follow this link to read this interesting newsletter of activities in Dorset

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