In Praise of Plastic at Christmas?

Every month we are fortunate to have a space in the ‘View From Lyme Regis’ newspaper.  In December, Jo wrote…


Can you imagine a Christmas without plastic?

So many Christmas presents contain plastic in some form or another it is hard to imagine a festive season without it!

How would we even begin survive at Christmas without sellotape, bubble wrap, crinkly, sparkly paper, with the pleasure from actually hearing it crackle? Can you imagine Christmas without that brightly coloured mixing bowl and spatula for those family pudding moments, the turkey baster with its irresistible balloon at the top?  That is before we have even considered the plastic that surrounds our Christmas lights, invaluable toys boxes, squeaky dog toys.  Christmas without a  toothbrush? Agh, perish the thought! Actually you can get wooden ones, but I haven’t seen them in Lyme yet…The hoover, the computer, ipad and the irresistible phone, the list goes on forever.

How lucky we are! In fact we have never had it so easy in many ways.  To share our luck and be aware of our gratitude, we invite you to help the town stay green and clean this Christmas by picking up ANY morsel of plastic from the beach to save it from being eaten by fish and other animals who think it is their food.

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