Get your share of WATER POWER

URGENT Act by Friday 9th October !!!

Are you a customer of Southwest Water? Act now, apply for your FREE share in the company and have your say about how they deal with sewage coming into our seas and rivers.

Anyone paying their water bill to SW Water should have received a letter from them saying we can have a say . You get a free share – to use that share as a shareholder and therefore be entitled to vote and as a shareholder make your complaint to them about sewage in our seas  and rivers. More details here from Surfers Against Sewage.  

How to register for your share
On the main letter on the back page is your customer number and access code. You will need your National Insurance number too. They ask for your bank details to pay any dividend – this is normal and must be provided.

Then go here: Two parts to fill in – on the Date of birth – double click on the year on the calendar and it’s much quicker to fill in.

We only have until 9th October to claim our voting rights. Go to the Southwest Water web site.

What a great opportunity to make ourselves heard!

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