E CARS coming to Lyme – Survey until April 6th

Would you like to see a community-led electric car club in Lyme Regis? Or even an electric bike sharing scheme? The club would have electric cars available to book from as little as half an hour for an all-inclusive price from locations around the area. The e-bike scheme would have bikes that could be rented and returned also from locations across the area. Because they are electrically assisted, the e-bikes a great alternative to the car for shorter trips and mean you can tackle hills without breaking a sweat! Together, they would help tackle our town’s congestion, parking and pollution problems, whilst providing affordable access to zero emission vehicles for all. Interested?

To help us gauge interest in Co Cars coming to Lyme Regis, please take a couple of minutes to complete our short survey http://bit.ly/LymeRegisEV which will be live until 6th April.

If you would like further information on Co Cars or Co Bikes, visit www.co-cars.co.uk and www.co-bikes.co.uk

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