SEED SWAP Saturday 29 January 11.30am – 1.00pm

Who? This is Turn Lyme Green’s first seed swap -It’s National Seed Swap Day

What? Bring seeds to share with other gardeners and find ones you would love to plant

Where? The Driftwood Café, The Baptist Church, at the top of Broad Street, Lyme Regis

Is the event free? Yes! You can come in for free. 

I don’t have seeds to swap, can I still join in? Absolutely! YES!
Everyone has to start somewhere, and we want to get everyone growing

Are the seeds free? Yes! We want as many people as possible to grow food and to get into gardening generally. Money should be no barrier to doing so. 
Seed swaps have arisen to help maintain heritage varieties that might otherwise become unavailable. The aim is to distribute these open-pollinated seeds freely to local gardeners to preserve local and regional varieties and to encourage growers to save seed from them and return with them to the seed swap in the following year.
Any questions?

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