ENERGY TIPS – KEEP WARM, SAVE MONEY There are many ways to save energy and help Lyme turn green. Often people are put off by potential upfront costs that they can’t afford. But there are many energy saving measures that won’t cost the earth. Here are a Magnificent Seven to start you off:

  • Control your thermostat
    Turn it down when you’re out (or go to bed) and back up when you’re at home and up. But not too high. Research by suggests that two in three households in the U.K. are setting their heating at over 20°C. They suggest turning your central heating down by just 1°C could result in a saving up to £80 a year on your heating costs. Adding an extra clothing layer can easily offset a small temperature drop.
  • Switch fully to LED light bulbs
    Newer versions offer good quality light and can be purchased for as little as £1 from Poundland, Dorchester.
  • Fit an eco shower head
    There are various designs, e.g. ecocamel. While maintaining a good flow, all limit the amount of hot water used and hence save energy.
  • Control your kettle
    Only boil as much water as you need. Try using a cup or mug to measure when filling, but make sure you at least cover the element/reach the minimum level.
  • Ventilate
    Damp rooms cost more to heat than drier ones. Install and use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms and/or open windows for brief periods to reduce moisture & condensation. Put lids on saucepans too.
  • Reduce draughts
    Controlled ventilation is good, permanent draughts are not. Insulate door and window frames and letter boxes, plug gaps with inexpensive draught insulation or use whatever’s available.
  • Control your curtains
    Drawing curtains at night helps to retain heat, but it’s equally important to open them again during the day to let sunlight and solar energy in.

    A useful source of information about all this is the Centre for Sustainable Energy (based in Bristol) which provided training for our Energy Champions in Lyme Regis and Bridport. Energy champions have volunteered to be a go–to person in the community for free tips on energy, that includes how to:
  • keep warm
  • save energy and reduce bills
  • avoid problems such as damp and condensation
  • and get more help with specific energy issues

The Lyme Area champions can be contacted by phone or email. To make an appointment call 07740 974304 or email