JULY 2021 Tues 20th.  Minutes here

AGM  Tuesday 21st July 2020.    The AGM was held on Zoom – a new experience for us all.  We were pleased that our patron, Sir Ghillean Prance, was able to join us.  Minutes are available.

MARCH  Tuesday 10th    Going Green is Good for Business
A well attended meeting heard local businesses describe practical steps they have taken to make their businesses more sustainable, to replace single use plastics and to curb use of energy.  Grenville Barr, chair of PFLR, congratulated those present on the steps they were taking and described them as influencers for the plastic free campaign in the community and to visitors and customers.  The details of The SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) award, our own Supporters Scheme and Refill were described.  A representative from Litter Free Coast and Sea spoke about their awards for businesses and the case study of Swanage Town Council creating ‘Sustainable Swanage’, a template which could be shared with other communities.  Frustrations were expressed with difficulties and costs of recycling of commercial waste and suggestions made to improve the situation.  Also, the dilemma over substitutions for single use plastics was identified.  Many had invested in non-plastic straws, cups, serving boxes etc thought to be recyclable or compostable only to find that some of these products could be as harmful to the environment as plastics unless they are recycled in specific centres at high temperatures.  Overall, businesses felt pleased with the efforts taken to date and welcomed positive feedback from their customers and community.  All good for marketing and promoting eco business practices.  PFLR would be able to provide all information on request.  An article summarising the meeting can be found at Lyme Online.

Mark Foxhall led a spirited and informative presentation and debate about the current state of play for recycling plastics.  The biggest audience ever for a monthly meeting – 48 people.

Welcome to 2020:  A Party.
A well attended meeting full of good cheer, good food and drink and good entertainment.  Also lots of ideas for the future.

DECEMBER:   We do not meet in December.

November:  Tuesday 12th 2019.  Royal Lion Hotel.
ORGANIC:  what does it mean and is it worth it?

Alexa has lived and worked  at Lower Hewood Farm since 2008, alongside a small team producing Soil Association certified organic food for local households and restaurants. Her talk highlighted with great honesty the ups and downs of maintaining organic status against a backdrop of changing attitudes and debates about environmentally responsible food production and consumption. She described how she had  learned the value of community and collaboration in the farming context, and how these vital relationships have profoundly influenced her understanding of farming and the wider world.

OCTOBER:  Tuesday 8th -2019  Royal Lion Hotel, Blue Room
Eating What Works with Your Body
Dr Sue Beckers presented her insights and understanding into our health and wellbeing.  She writes, ‘ I am a GP with nutritional and psychological qualifications running the Good Mood and Food Clinic to try to help people with some of the fundamental health issues of today’.  Her talk gave an explanation of Slow Carbs and Healthy Fats which cut the risks of many modern diseases and can reverse the changes of diabetes.

SEPTEMBER:  Extinction Rebellion. Tuesday 10th.  Driftwood Cafe, Baptist Church
Sara Hudston and Anna Rose-Prynn  gave a sobering and inspiring talk.  Representatives of Extinction Rebellion in Bridport, they ‘told the truth’ about growing effects of climate change and discussed the way forward.   We continue to be grateful to the Baptist Church hosting these important Turn Lyme Green meetings .

Extinction Rebellion’s three demands are:
1. Tell the truth: Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
2. Act now: Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
3. Beyond politics: Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

Extinction Rebellion Lyme Regis
Rickey Austin has started a local group.  Details can be found on the Facebook page.

JULY: GREEN DRINKS – looking forward to a greener future
We had a lively meeting in July learning more about Extinction Rebellion and updates on our own Council’s proposal to support a Declaration of Climate Emergency.   Visitors included Joe Fitzgerald from Seaton Extinction Rebellion and Michael Dower who was representing Bridport Extinction Rebellion and Eco Beaminster.  Simon West spoke about the One Planet group being set up to work with the Lyme Regis Council and the local community to implement actions to become carbon neutral by 2030 and promote more sustainable living.  We also heard about the hazards of metals on the East beach which were coming down from the tip and agreed that TLG would support pressure on both local and county councils to find ways to make the beach safe.   Other issues raised concerned excessive plastic packaging, ideas to recycle plastic containers from the kitchen at the Golf Club and a documentary about planting trees in Africa by The Word Forest which would be narrated by Kate Winslet.

Tuesday, 11 June – evening field trip

Carymoor is an environmental education and nature conservation charity providing inspirational outdoor learning for all ages and communities.  It was set up in 1996 on 100 acres of capped landfill and since then has transformed itself into a haven for wildlife and sustainability.  Based near Castle Carey, it is built on an old closed  landfill site.   There is an active one nearby.  We had a wonderful personal guide around the site on a perfect summer evening showing us the interesting juxtaposition of sustainability and waste.

MAY  2019

Graham Jones  led a ‘slow walk around a mature woodland’ for our meeting in May.  Everyone who walked with Graham last year at Trinity Hill loved every minute; this will be a very special occasion too.

And don’t forget that Graham is also leading some seasonal history walks at Trill Farm.  These explore the medieval landscape around the Farm.  The next one is May 22nd, 11am – 12.30pm, a free event.

APRIL 2019
Badgers in Britain
Ian Mortimer talked about  badgers,  covering the ecology of badgers and thereby
dispelling some of the myths and misunderstandings that prevail. He described evolution, biology, setts, diet, reproduction, communication and social organisation.  Badgers are the in the mustalid family, along with otters, weasels, mink and ferrets and are not rodents as many people think.  The largest populations in the world are in Sweden (350,000) and the UK (340,000).  There are different kinds of setts- main, subsidiary and outlyers. The main sett can be very large, for example, with 16 entrances, over 50 dens (rooms) and be 310m long but usually only 4-6 badgers may live there.  They are solitary foragers, love plums and eat mostly earth worms. An informative and memorable evening for us all.

MARCH 2019
Annual General Meeting and Green Drinks
Tuesday, 12 March
A well attended meeting.  Many topics considered and ideas discussed.  The following officers were elected:  Jo Smith Oliver, Chair;  Grenville Barr, Treasurer;  Polly Benfield, Secretary.   Huge thanks extended to Chris Boothroyd for carrying out his role of treasurer so diligently and for all his support as an officer, especially in designing our constitution and putting into effect our membership scheme.  It was agreed to keep the membership subscription at the same level of £5 per year.

Tuesday 12th February
We learnt all about how to build a beautiful, thoroughly green and sustainable artistic sculpted house from the mud beneath your feet.

Charlotte Eve and Kate Edwards explained how they built their very own cob bale house using just the mud they dug up from the garden , the whole house cost £10,000 and won several awards. They told us how they did it, the highs and the lows – mainly the highs – and all the muddy fun along the way.

Kate and Charlotte have been teaching people to build their own house from mud for nearly 15 years and now run training courses nearby in Uplyme.

Tuesday, 8th January
Everyone so enjoyed themselves in 2018 another party was planned for 2019.

NOVEMBER – The Mysteries of Dorset’s Moths
Tuesday 13 November
Paul Butter, an expert in all thing to do with moths, talked about about moths found in Dorset.

OCTOBERSea What’s There – an evening of inspiring talks
Wednesday 17th October
We were fortunate to have this event here on our doorstep!  Through film, talks, facts, and discussion the 4 speakers shared how they have observed, recorded, advised, and broadcast the effects of plastic, climate change, over-fishing and pollution on our seas. A large audience of over 150 people heard what they have done to change attitudes and the actions they’ve taken.  The speakers were:

DAVID JONES – the founder of Just One Ocean, an environmentalist, media diving specialist, cameraman and ocean plastic consultant. David has worked with David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Ben Fogle. His work includes the award winning documentary film A Plastic Ocean and for the BBC.

WILLIAM THOMPSON – an explorer, paddle boarder, graphic artist, mapmaker, and author of The Book of Tides, The World of Tides and Tide Walker. William has featured in The Daily Telegraph, on the BBC, and in The Scotsman.

MORVEN ROBERTSON- a UK Project Manager at Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve facilitated by the Blue Marine Foundation. Morven works with locals, fisherman, and organisations caring for the sea.

ANNE BAKER – Scientist, Educator and Ocean Advocate. In 2014, with other scientists, Anne took part in eXXpedition gaining first hand observation of the significant challenge of ocean plastic pollution seen whilst sailing across the Atlantic and around the British Coast. She developed an in-depth understanding of the impact of plastic on our planet, the oceans, and our health. She gave such an inspiring talk at Eva Fahle Clout’s art exhibition in June 2018 and we were pleased she returned to Lyme.

OCTOBER – Compostables: Are they the answer?
uesday, 9th October
Mark Foxhall talked about compostables as alternatives to single-use plastics. While we strive to find ways around our plastic addiction, biodegradables may seem an obvious choice. But on closer investigation, they too may have a negative impact on our environment.

SEPTEMBER  PLASTIC FREE LYME REGIS September’s meeting will a round up of activities for Plastic Free Lyme Regis.  Led by Chair of the Steering Group, Grenville Barr, will update everyone and lead a discussion on future plans and ideas.  A chance for everyone to participate and share views.

AUGUST no meeting in August

JULY   Tree Magic in the Axe Valley Graham Jones led a wonderful field trip through the woods on Trinity Hill.  A perfect evening, learning much from his extensive knowledge and love for trees.

JUNE  The planned field trip to Carymoor was postponed.  Sorry to disappoint the members who were keen to go, but not enough expressed interest at the time.  We hope to re-schedule.

MAY   Tuesday 8th at the Driftwood Café, Baptist Church.  Paul Burridge of the Dorset Waste Partnership led the Question and Answer session, when people brought samples of packaging to learn how Dorset deals with our recycling and what we can do to help.

The AGM was held to include a report on the past year’s activities,  to receive a financial report and to elect TLG’s officers.   There was also an update on ‘Plastic Free Lyme Regis’.

MARCH  Tuesday 13th   2018  Baptist Church, Driftwood Café, Broad Street.

Going Green is Good for Business.
Some 50 people attended this open discussion to share the practicalities, and business benefits, of ‘going green’, including the awards and rewards available to those who succeed. There were contributions from business owners who have already progressed along this path and many ideas and experiences were shared.  We were grateful to the Baptist Church for hosting the meeting in their new Driftwood Café, itself an eco-friendly construction.

FEBRUARY Tuesday, 13th  2018   

Jo Smith Oliver led a discussion on the magic of trees and our own individual experiences of them… through art, writing, self-expression, meditation, poetry and song.

JANUARY  All About Bees – Friday 12th  2018
There was a joint meeting with the U3A with bee expert Brigit Strawbridge at the Woodmead Halls.

Brigit is a fascinating, uplifting and experienced speaker, you cannot fail to be transfixed by her work and photography.  She says in her blog that she talks about  “the differences between Honeybees, Bumblebees and Solitary bees; the problems they all face (focussing on habitat loss and neonicotinoid pesticides) and what we can do to help them.”  

NOVEMBER  Tuesday 14th November 2017, Royal Lion, Blue Room.
Terry Sweeney spoke about the latest news on the coastal path and local environment.

OCTOBER   ‘The Plastic Ocean’ at the Baptist Church Hall.  2017
We screened – ‘A Plastic Ocean’, the stunning and memorable film about plastics polluting our oceans, particular poignant as we live near Lyme Bay.  Here is the link to a preview. 
‘A Plastic Ocean’ is an adventure documentary shot on more than 20 locations over the past 4 years. Explorers Craig Leeson and Tanya Streeter and a team of international scientists reveal the causes and consequences of plastic pollution and share solutions.

JULY   Tuesday 11th July 2017  Royal Lion, Blue Room
Charlotte Wild, from Litter Free Coast & Sea, gave a presentation on the various campaigns led by this group, including beach cleans in Dorset and Re-Fill Dorset, the re-filling water bottle scheme which a number of Lyme Regis businesses have signed up to.  Do check their website to learn more about how we all can help.

JUNE  Tuesday 13 June 2017  –  GREEN DRINKS – Pilot Boat
The group met to talk, share and debate ideas about ‘green’ issues … locally, our open spaces, our seas, our nearby communities.  Ideas for Turn Lyme Green ..  campaigns… speakers… How should TLG share information?  What would you like from TLG?  For those who saw the film ‘Tomorrow’, there may be many ideas inspired by the experiences and actions of communities around the world.

APRIL  Tuesday  11th 2017
AGM followed by talk about The Old Moo Shed and raw milk
Reports from the Chair and Treasurer were given.  Officers were elected and the subscription for the following year set.

The AGM was followed by a talk from Lynne and Dom from The Old Moo Shed,  giving us the story behind their enterprising local family business providing raw milk from their shop and delivered to the doorstep.

MARCH  Tuesday 14th  2017
Talk on natural burials
Jo Vassie from Higher Ground Meadow, a natural burial site, talked about the natural burials which are arranged at this beautiful site.  She was in conversation with Tracey West.  You can read up about the site here.

PRUNING WORKSHOP –  Sunday 19 March

Phil Gamble led another popular workshop to help members learn and practice pruning skills.   It also means that the community apple trees planted by TLG will get some welcome TLC.  John Wood organises these workshops and he writes….

“Our first apple tree pruning workshop of the winter took place on Sunday 12th February and despite very cold conditions it attracted our best attendance to date. It took place on Slope’s Farm where some seven years ago Turn Lyme Green planted seven of their eighteen apple trees as part of the Community Orchard project. Local horticulturist Phil Gamble once again kindly gave his time to lead the workshop. Phil showed us how to go about the normal winter pruning of apple trees and in addition there were a number of problems with some of the trees such as a broken branch on one tree, canker on another, crossing branches, vigorous water shoots and crowded centres. Phil demonstrated how to deal with these and other problems and brought to our attention how previous years’ pruning sessions had affected the growth and shape of the trees.

All seven trees on Slope’s Farm have been adopted by guardians who will in future years be responsible for the care of their chosen trees. On Sunday under Phil’s watchful eye they gained hands on experience with pruning their trees. There are another eleven trees in the Anning Road area which will be needing guardians and if you would like to take one or more trees under your wing please come to our next pruning workshop the date of which will shortly be announced. There is no compulsion to adopt a tree for you are most welcome to simply attend the workshops in order to improve your pruning skills. There is no charge for attending the workshops.

To be notified of the dates of future pruning workshops please email:

Report of TLG meeting on Tuesday 14th February – Royal Lion Hotel    

Tracey and Simon West, two very active members of TLG, have set up a charity with a focus on trees and promoting awareness of the environment.  They will be talking about their trees, their work and future plans at our next meeting.   Tracey writes…..

The Word Forest Organisation is a UK based NGO. Its charitable objects are to plant trees, build classrooms and raise environmental awareness in the UK and in the Coastal Province of Kenya, improving the health of our planet and all its inhabitants.

It was founded in the wake of us all experiencing the planet’s hottest ever recorded temperatures in September, October and November 2016; notably also the hottest year globally in over 120 years of record keeping. As at November 2016, our planet is perched on the edge of a 1.5°C global increase in temperature, well over halfway towards exceeding the Paris climate talks’ agreement of limiting warming to less than 2°C by 2100. Their board believes many of the devastating effects of climate change can be mitigated by planting trees.

Their Vision

Create nurseries and plant new trees on deforested land

  • Construct and equip educational buildings in impoverished Kenyan communities
  • To encourage everyone to take more personal responsibility for keeping the planet healthy
  • To share environmental wisdom and biocentric scientific data in respect of reforestation
  • Empower community educators to raise awareness of forestry guardianship and wider environmental issues”
‘Peer Power’ support for community energy groups comes to Dorset
The Peer Power project aims to inspire groups in the county to develop new renewable energy projects that are owned by communities, benefit people in Dorset, and generate local clean energy.
This is the perfect opportunity to see renewable energy technology in action, and to speak to volunteers, project developers and landowners who made the projects happen. Regen are arranging an exciting programme of Peer Power activities throughout the year including technical training, arts events and a feast. Peer Power has been organised in partnership with Dorset County Council and is funded by Power to Change.
For more information please contact Jodie at Regen.



Transition Town Bridport organised a green fortnight end March – early April.

Turn Lyme Green Annual Report – 12 April 2016

ACTIVITIES. Polly Benfield, Secretary, said that numbers of people attending monthly meetings (2nd Tuesday except August & December) had been growing and the system of members volunteering to lead meetings on topics of their choice had worked well.

Topics had included home composting, recycling with a speaker from Otter Rotters, electric cars and effects of planning on the local environment and community energy.

A number of ideas were suggested for future talks, including straw bale houses, film nights, speakers or visits to Trill Farm & Monkton Wyld,  talks from Mukti Mitchell and Jane Walker, author of ‘The Resilience Handbook’.

Thanks were given to the Royal Lion for hosting TLG meetings without charge.

TLG had written a letter to the town council asking it to develop a neighbourhood plan.

Phil Gamble and John Wood had organised fruit tree pruning training and efforts to look after the community orchard apple trees planted in a number of local locations.

The Eco Open House weekend had been successful in September 2015 and plans were in hand to hold an open day again for this year.

TLG was supporting an anti-fracking initiative – Frack Free Lyme Regis– which had organised some films and panel discussions.

ONLINE COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICITY.  Thanks were given to Surya Osborne for his work on the web site and a welcome to Belinda Bawden who would be taking over regular updates and development of the site.

Help was needed with publicity, someone to take a lead on TLG’s Facebook page and Twitter.  Fiona Wood kindly offered to help on this front.   Polly would continue to send out newsletters, but would welcome assistance.

FINANCE.  Chris Boothroyd, Treasurer, reported a balance of £288.  He proposed that a constitution be adopted for TLG and that a small membership fee of £5 per year be initiated.  In this way, TLG would be raising some funds from committed members for its activities and the costs of hosting the website and domain.  Meetings would continue to be open to all comers; donations would be suggested for visitors to help cover any costs, say the hire of a film or venue.  With a constitution, TLG would be better placed to make applications for grants for agreed projects. These proposals were supported and agreed.

OFFICERS.  The following were agreed : Candida Dunford-Wood, Chair;  Chris Boothroyd, Treasurer;  Polly Benfield, Secretary

22 people gathered on 8th March 2016 to hear a fascinating talk from Aranya, one of the country’s leading experts and advocates on permaculture.  We learned a lot and many will be inspired to learn more.  Aranya has provided some background information which you can read here and his web site has links to courses and his book.

Environmental Impact of New Housing on the Community.

20 people gathered on 9 February to discuss the environmental impact of development in our town.  Special guests were Councillor Anita Williams who chairs the Town Council’s Planning Committee, Peter Coe, volunteer Planning and Conservation Officer for the Lyme Regis Society, Wendy Davies from the Lyme Forward Housing Group and Adrian Ragbourne, coordinator of Lyme Forward with a special interest in community energy opportunities.  During a wide ranging discussion over many topics including the use of land, style and scope of developments and community energy solutions, the value of developing a Neighbourhood Plan became clear. This would give everyone in Lyme Regis a chance to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of the local area.  It was decided that TLG would write to the Town Council urging it to spearhead this project as soon as possible.  Contact Chris Boothroyd for further information.

Some Reports on Previous Meetings

Tuesday 12th May 2015
Read the minutes of the May meeting.

Tuesday 21st April 2015
Read the minutes of the April Meeting.

Tuesday 10th March 2015
Read the minutes of the March meeting.

Tuesday 17th February 2015
Read the minutes of the meeting here.

Tuesday 13th January 2015.

Tuesday 14th October 2014.

Tuesday 9th September 2014.

Tuesday 15th July 2014
Notes of the meeting held on July 15th 2014.

Tuesday 17th June 2014. Topics included: Lyme Regis Driving Range Landfill, Community Energy Scheme, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Open Eco Homes.
View the minutes of that meeting here.

Tuesday 11 June. 7pm. Permaculture – the secrets revealed.  The Malthouse at The Town Mill. We were very pleased that Aranya was able to join us for our  meeting in June. Aranya lives locally and is one of Britain’s busiest permaculture teachers and author of the popular ‘Permaculture Design – a step by step guide‘.
Minutes from the 11th June Meeting- click here to download.

Tuesday 14th May, 2013. Langmoor Room, The Shelters, Jubilee Pavillion. ‘We were treated to an informative and inspiring talk from Adrian Culling on Green Roofs at our recent meeting.’
Minutes from the 14th May meeting – click here to download.

Tuesday April 9th, 2013.
‘Future of Hope’ was the inspiring film about Iceland seen at the meeting on 9th April.

Tuesday 5th March, 2013
. Richard Toft and his crew from Bridport Renewable Energy Group demonstrated their anaerobic digester at the meeting.
Minutes from the 5th March meeting – click here to download.