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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning with Phil Gamble

Tree Pruning with Phil Gamble

PRUNING WORKSHOPS for APPLE TREES – Sunday, February 18th and 25th 2018

It’s that time of year again and Phil Gamble, our local tree specialist, is kindly hosting two workshops showing everyone how to prune fruit trees.

The apple trees planted by Turn Lyme Green in Anning Road and Slopes Farm are growing well and will be used as examples.

Here are the dates for your diaries.  Sunday, February 18th and Sunday, the 25th Both starting at 10am at the entrance to Slopes Farm at the bottom of Colway Lane.

Please contact Jo Smith Oliver  (07525 005430) if you would like to attend a workshop or need any further information.


PRUNING WORKSHOP –  SUNDAY, 19 March 2017.  10.30am

Phil Gamble led another popular workshop to help people learn and practice their pruning skills.   It also means that the community apple trees planted by TLG get some welcome TLC.  The workshop started at 10.30am and ran for two hours.   The group joined at the orchard site in Anning Road, which is on the south side of Anning Road just east of the junction with Woodmead Road by the first house.

On Sunday 12th February local expert Phil Gamble gave nine members of Turn Lyme Green a practical demonstration of pruning apple trees. Working with the trees planted five years on the Woodland trust land at Slopes Farm, Phil showed clearly what and why to prune and how to do it. The group learned about shaping the tree for good fruiting, how to tell growing buds from fruiting buds, what tools to use – and how to keep them sharp – and absorbed the golden ‘25% rule’.

The two fruitful if chilly hours passed quickly as people became more adept at spotting what to remove and what to leave, gaining confidence in making that irreversible cut without fear. Dave Edwards, one of the group, said afterwards that it was “An extremely informative and practical event, and great to be able to join in under a careful eye rather than simply watching someone else do it.”

Turn Lyme Green promotes sustainable living in Lyme Regis, and encourages community orchards.  A team formed with students from the Woodroffe School originally planted donated apple trees in Anning Road and on Magna Housing land as well as at Slopes Farm.  More sites are being sought.

Community Orchard

Apple trees were kindly donated to start the scheme off.   A team formed with students from the Woodroffe School and planting took place in the autumn of 2009. Most of the trees we planted in Anning Road thankfully survived the initial vandalism, and we are now planting another six trees on Magna Housing land and some at Slopes Farm.  More sites are being sought.

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