Food Production

We have continued work to promote local food and food production.  The gardenshare scheme is underway since its launch in spring 2010.  We screened Rebecca Hosking’s film ‘A Farm for the Future’ (Sept 09), followed by a discussion about permaculture and how to farm in a post-oil economy led by local permaculture teacher Aranya.

Markets for Local Food Producers

Sad news. These have been cancelled and will not be held again this summer 2013.  But there is a possibility that local small holders might return, although later in the summer when cropping starts.  So do look out for these. Turn Lyme Green has always supported markets for local producers and hopes that the Town Council will be able to encourage their return.

Before the cancellation we undertook lengthy discussions and research took place to find a suitable site for a farmers’ market.  So many hurdles to jump.  We were pleased that a market was started at the Shelters on the beach front during the late spring/summer once a month and occasionally at the Town Mill.  Keep a look out for details of markets during spring and summer 2013.

Do let us know if you have any ideas for events to feature local producers and local shops and we will help spread the word.

Love Food, Hate Waste  is an campaign adopted by Dorset County Council.  The staff involved are always interested to learn about events which they can attend with lots of information and promotional materials.