It continues to be so important to use your own refillable cups and water bottles. Yes, some shops were hesitant about refilling in the early months of covid, but most now do this gladly, supporting your efforts to re-use and avoid single-use plastic.
We are proud that so many local cafes and kiosks in Lyme support Refill, the popular national scheme. There is a mobile app which you can use to find a local shop taking part in the scheme started by City to Sea. Over 23,000 businesses are now members. Remember, you don’t have to make a purchase – each retail member is keen to show how they are doing their bit to protect our environment.

There is a great video on Plastic Free Lyme Regis’ site showing how this can be done.

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SUMMER newsletter 2020

a variety of topics, including where to find cloth reusable masks locally.

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JUNE Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is out, featuring Rob Smith’s blog post – It’s time to write to your MP about a Green New Deal; Shop Locally; a range of local producers to support and how you can still use your refill cup for coffee in cafes… ‘Coffee a Go Go’.

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Friday 25th – Monday 28th October
The Malthouse Gallery,  Town Mill, Lyme Regis

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Sat 19 June – Guitars on the Beach is going green!

Guitars on the Beach

Saturday 19 June

This year GOTB is going green!

And Turn Lyme Green and Plastic Free Lyme Regis are joining in.

Come and visit our stand.

Enjoy the music.

Bring your guitar and join in with the Sand Band.

Find out more here:

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Plastic Free Shopping! Coming to Charmouth and Lyme Regis

The Green Weigh, Bridport’s Plastic Free shop will be bringing its wares to Charmouth and Lyme Regis on a weekly basis at the following two permanent pitches;


9.30-12pm in Charmouth, trading from the layby at the bottom of town

12.30-3pm – Lyme Regis Football Ground

A message from Green Weigh –

“Bring any containers to fill or help yourself to our recycled jars (and donate your old ones), purchase draw string cloth bags or, if all else fails, there’s paper bags.

We sell loose dry foods, oils and vinegars, household cleaning product refills and personal care products and our prices are cheaper than supermarkets!  Win win!”


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SPECIAL EVENT: Sea What’s There, Wednesday October 17th – Talk, film and discussion – Inspiration to protect our oceans

Marine Theatre – 7.00pm

Tickets from Lyme Regis TIC (01297 442138) or online from the Marine Theatre website

We are fortunate to have this event here on our doorstep! Through film, talks, facts, and discussion 4 speakers will share how they have observed, recorded, advised, and broadcast the effects of plastic, climate change, over-fishing and pollution on our seas. Hear and see what they have done to change attitudes and the actions they’ve taken. Lyme Regis sits overlooking Lyme Bay – there is a wealth of sea-life and wonders on its doorstep. Find out how you can help preserve it for future generations.

Marine Conservation: our shore and sea need protecting both locally and globally – come and see what we have & how it’s being achieved. Plastic Free Lyme Regis will be there with tips for reducing the plastic that we use.


DAVID JONES – the founder of Just One Ocean, an environmentalist, media diving specialist, cameraman and ocean plastic consultant. David has worked with David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Ben Fogle. His work includes the award winning documentary film A Plastic Ocean and for the BBC.

WILLIAM THOMPSON – an explorer, paddle boarder, graphic artist, mapmaker, and author of The Book of Tides, The World of Tides and Tide Walker. William has featured in The Daily Telegraph, on the BBC, and in The Scotsman.

MORVEN ROBERTSON- a UK Project Manager at Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve facilitated by the Blue Marine Foundation. Morven works with locals, fisherman, and organisations caring for the sea.

ANNE BAKER – Scientist, Educator and Ocean Advocate. In 2014, with other scientists, Anne took part in eXXpedition gaining first hand observation of the significant challenge of ocean plastic pollution seen whilst sailing across the Atlantic and around the British Coast. She developed an in-depth understanding of the impact of plastic on our planet, the oceans, and our health. She gave such an inspiring talk at Eva Fahle Clout’s art exhibition in June and we are pleased she returns to Lyme for this evening.

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Next TLG Meeting – ‘The Magical Moths of Dorset’ – Tuesday 13th November

‘The Magical Moths of Dorset’ – Paul Butter will share his knowledge and enthusiasm about moths found in Dorset. Royal Lion Hotel. Lyme Regis. 7.15 for 7.30pm. More details to follow.

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Film: Blue Heart – The fight for Europe’s last wild rivers – Thursday 11 October, Marine Theatre

£5 in advance; £7 on the door

Tickets available at the TIC Lyme Regis (01297 442138) or online from the Marine Theatre website.

Dr Kate Baker, Research Fellow at The University of Exeter and Chair of the panel, writes, “The celebrated film ‘Blue Heart’ documents the power of local community in protecting the largest undammed river in the Balkans. After the film, there will be a discussion with local experts drawing on similarities between community action in the Balkans with projects closer to home; communities are central to any successful environmental project. As an individual, it is easy to feel disempowered by the various environmental issues we’re facing. However, by joining together and working as a collective, positive changes can happen. We hope this evening will inspire people to get involved in local projects to create a better environment for future generations.”

The panel will include Richard Higgs, programme manager of the Riverlands project at the National Trust, a new £10 million project to bring the UK rivers back to life; Minni Jain, director of the Flow Partnership, an NGO working on rivers in the UK with community collaboration; and Dr David Smith from South West Water Upstream Thinking project, which aims find natural landscape-scale solutions to improve water quality.

Here is the trailer to the film:

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Talk: “That Glorious Forest” Friday, 19th October, Trill Farm

Trill Farm: Supper and conversation

Sir Ghillean Prance, Turn Lyme Green’s patron, will be talking about his most recent work in Amazonia. He will focus on examining the current situation about deforestation and threats to the forest and include details of the time he has spent with the indigenous peoples of Amazonia studying their uses of plants and uses of the forest. For more information and tickets, follow this link. Talk only, £5. Talk and Supper £30.

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Bridport Friends of the Earth & Apple Day – Saturday, 13th October

The Bridport Friends of the Earth will have a stall in Bridport Orchard on Saturday 13 October to raise awareness of the Government’s attempt to bypass local decision-making and make fracking easier.

A great day out! Click the poster to find out more.

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Stop Fast Track Fracking – Online petition

38 Degrees have an online petition and time is running out to sign it.
They write “The government has announced plans to streamline the planning process for fracking. If this goes ahead, it will be as easy to drill an exploration fracking well as it is to build a conservatory or erect a fence. These plans are deeply undemocratic – they twist planning laws to give the government and fracking companies the power to override the will of local people – who have fought relentlessly to halt fracking at every turn.
You can also support 38 Degrees written representation on these proposals Click here to have your say. and add your name and objections to this proposal.

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European Parliament Vote – 10th October

“This year we’ve seen heartbreaking images of dead sea turtles and birds, their bellies bloated with plastic.” EU politicians will be voting on new rules next week to cut plastic pollution. SumOfUs have a petition which you can sign. You can tell the European Parliament Environment Committee your view by signing. Follow this link to sign and find out more.

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Jellyfish on Parade

An enthusiastic group marched proudly in the Carnival Parade in August promoting Plastic Free Lyme Regis.

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Monthly – Great Nurdle Hunt & Beach Cleans

Charmouth,  monthly  2018

Organised by the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, regular hunts for Nurdles to clear them off the local beach.  Contact the Heritage Centre for dates, for these hunts and for beach cleans.  Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets used to make most of our plastic products. It is estimated that 53 billion nurdles escape into the UK environment each year!  Due to their tiny size, nurdles are eaten by marine wildlife so move up the food chain and also act as sponges in the sea, attracting pollutants.

What can you do to help? Pick up nurdles! The more we collect, the fewer end up in the sea. Always make sure you wear gloves when handling nurdles as they contain toxins.  Nurdles have been spotted on Lyme’s Church Beach.  Head that way and take a bag and some gloves to help get rid of them.

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Uplyme Village Fete

We had a stall at this very popular fete.


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May Fete – Anning Road Playing Field

Sunday 13 May 2018
Turn Lyme Green had a stand at this popular annual fete.   Fun games for children together with lots of information on Plastic Free Lyme Regis including tips for recycling and how to live with less plastic.

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Bridport Green Fortnight – 14-28 April 2018

Turn Lyme Green had a stall in BuckyDoo Square, Wednesday morning, 25th April from 10.00am, again promoting Freggie Bags and ways of reducing our use of plastics – Reduce, Reuse, Refill and Recycle.

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Great Dorset Beach Clean

Over 30 people turned up for the Beach Clean on Saturday 21st April. The organisers issued gloves and picking sticks which made easy work of collecting bags of recyclable, plastic and general rubbish. Monmouth Beach looked much better after an hours worth of rubbish collecting and visitors were impressed and grateful for our efforts.

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In Praise of Plastic at Christmas?

Every month we are fortunate to have a space in the ‘View From Lyme Regis’ newspaper.  In December, Jo wrote…


Can you imagine a Christmas without plastic?

So many Christmas presents contain plastic in some form or another it is hard to imagine a festive season without it!

How would we even begin survive at Christmas without sellotape, bubble wrap, crinkly, sparkly paper, with the pleasure from actually hearing it crackle? Can you imagine Christmas without that brightly coloured mixing bowl and spatula for those family pudding moments, the turkey baster with its irresistible balloon at the top?  That is before we have even considered the plastic that surrounds our Christmas lights, invaluable toys boxes, squeaky dog toys.  Christmas without a  toothbrush? Agh, perish the thought! Actually you can get wooden ones, but I haven’t seen them in Lyme yet…The hoover, the computer, ipad and the irresistible phone, the list goes on forever.

How lucky we are! In fact we have never had it so easy in many ways.  To share our luck and be aware of our gratitude, we invite you to help the town stay green and clean this Christmas by picking up ANY morsel of plastic from the beach to save it from being eaten by fish and other animals who think it is their food.

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