Global Ecological Footprint

2nd August 2017 was Earth Overshoot Day, when we have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year.

We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, overharvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than forests can sequester.

You can calculate your own personal ecological footprint here:!/



Amazing support from the local communities around Hawkchurch last year helped residents defeat an application for gas-fired diesel generators.  Some 350 letters of objection were posted on the East Devon web site.   Another application was received and the Hawkchurch Action Group urgently sought support to object to the latest proposals.

David Huggins for the Action Group has said, : “Without doubt, all of this activity will have a massive cumulative effect on the beauty and tranquillity of the rural landscape around Hawkchurch. The Hawkchurch Parish is close to the Dorset AONB and Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and the site of proposed diesel generators is less than a mile from the Site of Special Scientific Interest encompassing Lamberts Castle. This cannot be the right place to site an ever increasing set of industrial plants. The industrialisation of the countryside really must stop!”

Objections could be sent to the Council via the web site.  The deadline for comments was Friday, 23rd June.   It is an easy process – see guidance notes below.    The Action Group also encouraged as many people as possible to attend the Hawkchurch Parish Council meeting in the Village Hall on Tuesday 20th June. The developer Plutus Powergen’s CEO  presented his scheme at 8pm just ahead of the Parish Council’s decision. Here is an article that mentions the developer Plutus Powergen by name, and gives a good idea of the impact these diesel power stations have had elsewhere in this country: .
And an article giving Greenpeace’s view:

For further information, contact David Huggins (

David wrote:

Dear All,
We need to get the numbers of objections up!  So far we have only 12 objections, with only days to go until the deadline of 23rd June.. Can you and your friends who care about the quality of life around Hawkchurch and our countryside register objections on the East Devon web site?


To make doing this  even easier, we’ve learned that there is no need to refer to the specific planning policies relevant to our area. It’s the planning officers’ job to go through the objections and tick off the relevant policies.  So you don’t really have to say much more than this:

This diesel plant shouldn’t be in countryside.

It would be polluting and noisy.

It is not renewable.

There would be extra traffic and a new ugly road.

There is too much industrial plant here already


Please rewrite the above bullet points in your own words, because they will carry more weight that way.


Basically all you have to do is click on this link:


Then click on “Comments

Then click on “Make a comment

Then type in your name, address, and email address (NB your address and email address will not be made public on the council website)

Then click on “Object” and “Neighbour” or “Member of the Public”

Then tick all three boxes: Noise, Residential Amenity, Traffic or Highways

Then type in your objection and click on “submit


And that’s it! Please note that only one objection will be counted from each household, so if you are partners or a married couple and can use a second address, please do so

To see other people’s objections, click on “contributions”.    We need well over one hundred objections to sway the council on this.  Please note that EDDC take very seriously objections from out-of-area addresses, since tourism plays such a large part in the local economy.


Lyme Regis Golf Club Driving Range, Timber Hill

After three years of relative quiet concerning landfill  operations in the Harcombe Valley, a planning application has recently been lodged with the Dorset County Council to modify planning permission conditions granted three years ago.

Details of the application and ways of stopping it are put forward on:

Deadline for objections and comments to West Dorset Planning was 18th May 2017.


Turn Lyme Green member Tracey West reported at the recent AGM that she was consulted by a woman in Herefordshire following an application from STOR to build a gas-fired power station there. Tracey shared the experience of the campaign at Hawkchurch and they also succeeded in forcing STOR to withdraw.

After the Hawkchurch campaign, Tracey wrote:

Dear Friends,
Please pardon the afternoon BOOM of an email, but Simon and I have just found out that the planning application from STOR to build a 10 chimney gas fired power station in lovely little Hawkchurch, has been WITHDRAWN!
…not even rejected by the planning department, simply withdrawn!
This is a marvellous victory for ordinary green-thinking individuals like ourselves and little eco-groups of the world like Frack Free Lyme Regis, Turn Lyme Green, Sustainable Chard and Earth Hour Chard to name but a few who lent their elbow to the public awareness campaign.
Collectively, we all galvanised support for our friends and neighbours in Hawkchurch and with a lot of help from our local media, BBC TV and BBC Radio, we knitted that energy together.
It culminated in over 420 well thought out, well researched objections being sent to EDDC – big thanks to Paul Bryant for his welcomed technical input too.
It seems to me STOR must have had a bit of a rethink once they realised precisely how much support there is for clean, green renewable energy out in ‘the sticks’.
This is a serious victory for the people and it comes at a time when local democracy is still in a flat spin, following the government decision to overrule the Lancashire local council decisions and now saying that fracking can go ahead!
The little green people made a noise and the big fossil fuel company went away!


The Bridport and Lyme Regis News featured the campaign to protest about the plans to build a gas fired power station in Hawkchurch and BBC Spotlight sent a TV crew.

The Town Council has set up a working group of councillors ‘to consider ideas to remodel Langmoor and Lister Gardens.’ Their ideas include ‘the building of a cafe, toilet facilities, the re-instatement of pitch and put, a petanque area, a theatre bowl, and an outdoor gym.’ They are applying to the Tesco ‘bags of help’ funding pot to support the installation of outdoor gym equipment.  Turn Lyme Green members and supporters are likely to have an interest in these proposals, so please note that ‘The public will be invited to the meeting [of the Working Group] on Tuesday 21 June 2016 in the Guildhall and notification of this meeting would be placed in the local press.’ We hope that this notification will include the time and place.

Join Frack Free Lyme Regis

Anti fracking demo Jan 2016 a

Over 100 people joined Frack Free Lyme Regis on 31 January to show the strength of feeling against fracking and to support the demonstrations being held nationwide on that day. After processing along the sea front, everyone gathered at The Pilot Boat to listen to a number of speakers and collect lots of information. You can read more about Frack Free Lyme Regis and general information by visiting their FaceBook page .  To learn about future plans and meetings, please contact Tracey and Simon West on 07817 156391.  All offers of help and support are very welcome.

Florescent Light Bulb Recycling

Simon is registered as local representative for the RecoLight Scheme.  His determination to succeed and deal with the bureaucracy has led to success!  He would be finding collection points in town.  More detail to follow once a recycling point can be found.   This will be an important recycling project for Lyme Regis.CoBRASchemeLogo

Follow this link to view a very entertaining yet enlightening video about why we should be recycling these bulbs which contain a small amount of mercury.

Community Energy Projects

— Updated 7 July 2014 —
A sub-group had met to explore in more detail aspects of a scheme for the Lyme Regis area – funding options, calculations of energy needs for the community etc.  Key to the project was identification and description of community benefits.  The group was convinced that a scheme would provide cheaper energy for the community. Very useful contacts for advice had been made by Simon with the provider, Good Energy.  More research and information gathering was necessary to develop an overall strategy. Candida was keeping Pete West, Dorset Renewable Energy Officer, in touch with developments.  A visit with the organisers of the Wedmore Community Power Co-operative in Somerset could be informative –
The group would welcome anyone interested in this project to future meetings and discussions. Please contact Simon West or Candida Blaker at

— Previous Posting —
A need to increase residents’ awareness on energy issues generally in the town was identified, perhaps consolidating all information about energy saving methods and best practice through LRDT.

The last meeting explored this new topic for Turn Lyme Green.    Julian Brooks from CH&P (Community Heat & Power) described his work in promoting community energy projects in Dorset, offering a one-stop shop for communities.  He can assist by helping groups navigate Government policy, how to tap central funding – the £25m fund for feasibility studies and projects – the Rural Community Fund – also the Lottery ‘Power to Change’ fund; how to embark on local consultation and referendums so local Councils adopt energy policies in Neighbourhood Plans, which are legally binding; dealing with planners and developers throughout the planning process; the funding aspects for members of the local community to benefit financially from a variety of investment or ‘buy-in’ models.

An overview of activity in the southwest was given, mentioning smaller energy companies like OVO and Good Energy offering green energy to customers.   Also various schemes under development at Charminster, Maiden Newton, Wadebridge.  Also that Government policy is shifting to encourage community-led projects rather than private projects and  to focus on solar power rather than turbine,  using public and community buildings for the installation of panels.
It was agreed to set up an energy sub-group with Julian and Marcus Dixon (who is now working part-time for CH&P).  Candida to convene a meeting to explore options to develop a scheme in Lyme Regis.

Self Build Group

A brief discussion of where opportunities might exist in Lyme Regis, ie. Magna Housing Association land. Ruth Katz and Julian would follow up exploring ways to publicise the idea more widely, perhaps using the Eco Open Homes event in September to find people interested in joining a group.

Grasp the Nettle

Film on eco-village in Kew. Wednesday May 21st. 6.45 for 7.15pm. Women’s Institute Hall, Bridport.

Jonny Gordon-Farleigh is presenting this interesting documentary feature about an eco-village in Kew, West London and the filmmaker Dean Puckett will be joining us for a Q&A and discussion. (Click here for poster pdf attachment). Here’s the trailer:

Or visit Tickets are available online (click here) or from Fruits of the Earth for £5.

STIR presents a screening of ‘Grasp the Nettle’, which follows the exploits of a ragtag band of land rights activists in London as they struggle against corporations, government, police – and themselves – in their efforts to create alternative communities outside the framework of consumer society.

We’ll also be joined for a Q&A by filmmaker Dean Puckett who gave up everything – his flat, job and normal life – to live among the eclectic inhabitants of an eco-village that pops up on a piece of disused land in West London, in an effort to understand what makes them tick. process, it asks hard questions about the nature of freedom and the meaning of activism in ‘interesting times’.

Interested in Hydroponics?

Captain HydroponicsTLG had been contacted by Chris Wimmer in Chicago who has delved into this topic, creating his own garden and gathering lots of links and information. He is happy to be contacted for advice and to share experiences. His web site is full of inspiration and ideas He has also suggested another site –
The joy of the internet bringing communities closer!

Ban the Plastic Bag Campaign

goplasticbagfree_bannerIdeas to keep the campaign’s profile up – a meeting and speaker in the autumn; another showing of ‘Message in the Waves’; a sew-in using the Morsbag pattern.

Frack Free Dorset.

90095fad-0ad6-45df-9a46-2eecf903a69d All were encouraged to rally round efforts to stop fracking in Dorset. Green Peace were visiting Lyme the following Saturday, promoting their ‘Not For Shale’ theme. All should follow and support the campaign in Swanage, led by Elizabeth Thomsen.
You can visit these web sites, finding links to petitions, background information and videos about dangers of fracking.

Community Energy Schemes.

Wide-ranging discussion on the importance of networking with other communities to learn from their experiences. The scheme at Balcombe was mentioned.

These people
have set up a Community Interest Company (CIC) to raise £300,000, aiming to contribute to the community’s energy needs. Marcus Dixon was in touch with Candida about ideas exploring a similar project here in Lyme, in conjunction with British Renewables. Could this be a new initiative for the town?

Trill Farm -Supper and Conversations

On 21 February three of us from TLG spent an interesting evening at Trill Farm. We were given a talk by Edward Kosier, a chemist and academic for 23 years before spending the last 14 years working commercially with the recycling of plastics packaging, the design of modern plants and several patented recycling breakthroughs. He is heavily involved as an expert consultant to leading research bodies, industry associations and environmental pressure groups.

Read More

Transition Town Bridport and Draughtbusters

They will be running two more workshops: 29th March Curtain lining and 3rd April Draughtbusting. See their web site for more information

Renewable Energy Exhibitions

Dorset Energized is organising a free exhibition and advice forum in Dorchester no Saturday 8th March, 9.30 – 2.00pm.

RegenSW are organising the Renewable Energy Marketplace on the 8th April in Exeter

Click to read details

A Tale of the History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song History

Something a bit different about the environment and our approach to the land.
Three Acres and a Cow: A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song and Story with Robin Grey and Tim Laycock
Bridport: Women’s Institute Hall, North Street, Bridport.
Wed 12th March, 2014. Doors at 6.45pm/Event Starts at 7.15pm
Tickets: £10 for Adults/£5 for under-16s
Here is a link for online tickets:
And tickets are also available from Fruits of the Earth, Red Brick Cafe and the music shop in Bridport.

Homeopathy Workshops – Trill Farm

Do find out more about these workshops or pass the information on to others.

An Introduction to Homeopathy for Farmers & Smallholders (Tuesday 4th March),

First Aid Homeopathy for your Horse (Tuesday 18th March)

Each costs £75 (£57.25 for those within a 25 mile radius), and includes a delicious organic lunch.

Trill Farm also continues their Supper & Conversation evenings. Friday 21 March sees a 3 course meal with a talk on Shumei Natural Agriculture which originated in Japan between the world wars and is rooted in Shinto and Buddhism.

Dorset Community Sustainable Energy Group – Meeting 1st October

Paul McIntosh, Chair of the Dorset Community Sustainable Energy Group has invited us to attend the next meeting Tuesday morning, 1st October in Dorchester. If you would like to go, can you let Polly know by email at and she can pass on more information. The following items are on the agenda:
-Update on the Communities Living Sustainably Community Renewable strand
-Update on bid to LEP for energy project

-Update on Dorset Energized / Stur Valley IPS
-Round table updates from groups
-Discussion on Solar Farm Community benefits or the wide variation thereof in Dorset.

There is also loads of information on the Sustainable Dorset web site.

The Fracking Debate Goes On

Richard Cottrell has produced a newsletter outlining background information about dangers of Fracking and Nuclear Power – see attached. He is standing as an independent candidate in the May 2014 European elections for the South West Constituency.
Fracking Newsletter


1st Meeting, Sunday 15 December, 10am Aroma Café
Organised by Dorset Coast Forum.
Telephone: 01305 224833 or Email:
Read More


Tuesday 14 January 2014.
Information on how to switch, keep warm and save money. Organised by Dorset Community Action. For more information contact:
Read More


Organised by Communities Living Sustainably
Entries by Friday 10 January 2014
Photography Competition Website

Trill Farm Supper & Conversations

A series of Friday evening gatherings with speakers. See their website for more information.
Visit Trill Farm website for more details →

Solar Heated Digester

Catch up on the latest developments from BREG.
Visit their website for more details →

DIY Digester Demo by BREG

During the winter we have been busy designing and building our DIY digesters for testing over the summer of 2013.  Using the experience gained from our work in 2012 with the Methanogen 700 liter digester we have tried to simplify the equipment and produce a system from off the shelf components that is easy to use, robust and low cost.
Read the full article on the BREG (Bridport Renewable Energy Group) website →

Greenpeace – Arctic Sunrise

Lyme Regis was so lucky last week to have a visit from the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, on her tour campaigning for the rights of smaller local fishermen.  She anchored in the bay for a few hours and a Greenpeace team of volunteers set up stands at the Shelters to explain the importance of the campaign and to get supporters to sign up.  We all made our paper boats to join the virtual ‘fleet’ supporting the tour.  It is easy to support the campaign.  Follow the link below and you will soon be sailing your  support ‘boat’.

And for more information on the campaign…

Renewable Energy Marketplace

Bournemouth – 18th June 2013

Free tickets are available to the jam packed day of exhibitors, workshops, talks etc. Register online before 16th June 2013 using the discount code ‘community’ when booking on their website.

Farmers Markets at the Shelters.

Sad news. These have been cancelled and will not be held again this summer 2013.  But there is a possibility that local small holders might return, although later in the summer when cropping starts.  So do look out for these. Turn Lyme Green has always supported markets for local producers and hopes that the Town Council will be able to encourage their return.

Health and Local Food for Families (HALFF)

HALFF is a registered charity set up to help people to cook delicious healthy food for themselves and their children and to promote local food.  Their shop in South Street, Axminster is a hive of activity and has fresh vegetables and locally made and grown products for sale.   Ring 01297 631782 or email for further information.    Some of the activities and courses run by HALFF include:

Veggie Boxes

Weekly boxes are now ready to order from the HALFF shop – 01297 631782

Over 50’s – Healthy Cooking

Cooking demonstrations, covering, among other things, healthy cooking for one and for those with specific conditions at the No HALFF Measures Shop, Axminster. Third Monday of the month.  Next session is 18th March 2013. Free to attend. The session will include nutrition advice and cooking tips.

Get Gardening

This is an “all about gardening” group meeting WEEKLY through Spring and Summer from Tuesday, 5th March, in the No HALFF Measures Garden between 10:30 am – 11:30 a.m. Come along and join in the activities from sowing seeds, growing food, swapping ideas and more.