Saturday 9 June 2018
We had a stall at this very popular fete.




Sunday 13 May 2018
Turn Lyme Green had a stand at this popular annual fete.   Fun games for children together with lots of information on Plastic Free Lyme Regis including tips for recycling and how to live with less plastic.


Turn Lyme Green had a stall in BuckyDoo Square, Wednesday morning, 25th April from 10.00am, again promoting Freggie Bags and ways of reducing our use of plastics – Reduce, Reuse, Refill and Recycle.




GREAT DORSET BEACH CLEAN – Saturday 21st April 2018

Over 30 people turned up for the Beach Clean on Saturday 21st April. The organisers issued gloves and picking sticks which made easy work of collecting bags of recyclable, plastic and general rubbish. Monmouth Beach looked much better after an hours worth of rubbish collecting and visitors were impressed and grateful for our efforts.

TLG MESSAGE IN ‘VIEW FROM’ – December 2017

Every month we are fortunate to have a space in the View From Lyme Regis.  In December, Jo wrote…


Can you imagine a Christmas without plastic?

So many Christmas presents contain plastic in some form or another it is hard to imagine a festive season without it!

How would we even begin survive at Christmas without sellotape, bubble wrap, crinkly, sparkly paper, with the pleasure from actually hearing it crackle? Can you imagine Christmas without that brightly coloured mixing bowl and spatula for those family pudding moments, the turkey baster with its irresistible balloon at the top?  That is before we have even considered the plastic that surrounds our Christmas lights, invaluable toys boxes, squeaky dog toys.  Christmas without a  toothbrush? Agh, perish the thought! Actually you can get wooden ones, but I haven’t seen them in Lyme yet…The hoover, the computer, ipad and the irresistible phone, the list goes on forever.

How lucky we are! In fact we have never had it so easy in many ways.  To share our luck and be aware of our gratitude, we invite you to help the town stay green and clean this Christmas by picking up ANY morsel of plastic from the beach to save it from being eaten by fish and other animals who think it is their food.



How’s this for a present?!  We would like to let everyone know that Tracey West, active TLG supporter and CEO of The Word Forest Organisation, has decided to make her book – E Book of Rubbish Ideas – available for a free download.  Sold out in print, the book is packed with simple tips and has several guided calls to activism that are easy to replicate and engage others with. Despite the fact that the dates and figures are slightly out of date, it is a fantastic read for anyone looking to cut down the amount of rubbish they create, particularly the plastic detritus that can be harder to deal with and is currently causing chaos on land and sea.

Here is the link.   Do consider giving a donation with each download to the work of The Word Forest Organisation, Tracey’s reforestation charity.  They will turn that gift straight into trees in forests in Kenya. These will remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere and also help lift impoverished communities out of poverty.